Bethel, Alaska?

Bethel, Alaska…is that near Juneau?

Most people’s reaction of our move to Bethel, Alaska is, “Wow! That’s going to be such an adventure!” or “Is that the place the movie “The Proposal” was shot?”  Our answers are: Yes, this is going to be a huge, wonderful & scary change.  And, no…”The Proposal” and “Northern Exposure” were not shot in Bethel, Alaska.

There is not a lot of information out there about our new home, Bethel, and  this is the goal of our blog.  To show our family & friends what life in Bethel and rural Alaska is really like.  We plan to post many photos & tell you all about the adventures of this area & the reality of small-town life.  All we really do know is that it’s an hour flight west of Anchorage, there are no roads in or out of the town, and the population is around 6,400.

How did we get here?

Kyle was working for USGS in Vallejo, and was interested in combining his love of waterfowl management with his skills in research.   After attending a conference in Portland, he came home with a flyer for a job in a place neither of us knew anything about.  The job sounded amazing, a waterfowl biologist’s dream, and offered the security of permanent government employment.  How could we pass up this wonderful opportunity?  After much consideration, he applied for the position.  It only took 2 months for Kyle to find out that he got the job, but it seemed like an eternity at the time.

We had 2 months to prepare for the biggest move of our lives…plenty of time so we thought.  Weeks turned to days, and days to counting down the hours before our flight…and here we are now.  Sitting in the airport at Anchorage, waiting for the plane that will take us to our new home and lives.

So Many Lasts

Everyday of that final week in Petaluma was filled with “lasts.”  Last time at our favorite restaurants, last embrace of our friends & family (and not wanting to acknowledge how long it may be before we see them again), last day of work, last baseball game (the Giants got killed by the A’s), last drive at 55+ mph on highways…so many lasts.

It was a sad time, but filled with many happy memories (see our photo tab to view some of them).  By the last night, though, we were finished with thinking and talking about our future life in Bethel and were ready to start living it.

An Era of Firsts 

Now we shall fill this blog with all of the tales, adventures, joys & sorrows of our now rural-bound lives.  Kyle is very excited to start his new job on Monday (ever the duck-chaser), and I am excited to learn how to become a tough, rural chic instead of the city-loving, suburbanite I have been….Kyle forbid me to where flip-flops off the plane in Bethel.  He thought that would be too obvious that we were from California…but I’m pretty sure my white ballet flats and thin clothing will shoot that one down.

We love you and miss you all!  Photos of Bethel are soon to come!


6 responses to “Bethel, Alaska?

  1. Love it. You two are my heroes! Can’t wait for the next exciting installment. Good luck to Kyle on Monday. Andrea, you have such a talent for writing. When is the book coming out?

    • Thanks, Nichola! Kyle is going to start writing about his work. He heads out to the field next week, so I’m sure that there will be some good stories there. We went for a hike on the tundra, and it was quite a workout! The ground is squishy, like walking on a giant sponge. We were exhausted by the time we got back. I’m sure this place is going to help Kyle get rid of some of that office fluffiness he put on over the years. 🙂 Hope you are doing well! You need to post pics of Australia when you move back! Kyle & I would love to see what it looks like.

  2. “Once you stop wearing heels, you can never get back into them”. Quoted Betty Myers, aka grandma…and she knew shoes. So as you get to know Bethel and Bethel gets to know you, let them see your 4″ platform side. Fashion has no bounds. XOXO Momcat

    • Hey Mom!

      Yes, I definitely will show the more fashionista side of me soon enough. Though that happened when we arrived and I was the only person wearing purple, ballet flats (white ones), and a fashionable scarf. It will be fun to figure out how to combine the fashionable Andrea with the outdoor lover Andrea.

  3. Hi Andrea & Kyle,

    Looking forward to reading your blogspot, and learning how to use Skype…Loeta and I are like kids with our first Lionel trains…she can’t wait to video call you. Happy trails in your new environs! Aloha, Sally

  4. CalwardenGreen

    Im amazed everytime I turn around your doing something amazing with your life. I am going to miss our hunts and seeing you two. I wish you two the very best. Keep in touch.

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